A Story of Identity in Digital Transformation

A Story of Identity in Digital Transformation

How did Watchful Health Insurance increase revenue without adding new customers or providers - while improving patient care?

Health insurance in many regions is uncertain at best. Many providers have taken drastic measures – raising premiums, acquiring the competition, or otherwise increasing their market share. For many, digital transformation provides light at the end of the tunnel. Can they transform their businesses sufficiently to maintain a focus on patients while remaining competitive? Digital transformation is both customer-led and technology-empowered. Getting the technology right is half the battle – and surprisingly, identity is at the heart of this challenge.

In this paper, written by industry analyst Jason Bloomberg, president of agile digital transformation analysis firm Intellyx, tells the story of Watchful Insurance, a fictionalized account of several real-world health insurers.

The Watchful Insurance story is relevant to any insurance company – health, life, Fiserv, property and casualty. In particular, it is especially relevant for organizations with multiple applications across different brands and multiple audiences.

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