We see a world where everyone who needs access can do so securely

And, we believe that inclusive access to education and technology are powerful enablers to elevate the human experience across the globe.

We support nonprofits and charitable organizations in many ways:

Auth0 for Nonprofits

We are proud to offer cost-savings to nonprofit and other Social Impact Organizations interested in modernizing their technology and creating a better, more secure stakeholder experience through the use of Auth0 Identity & Authentication Management solutions.

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The SAFE Fund

We committed to the Pledge 1% model of allocating 1% of Auth0’s equity to make grants to nonprofits and impact investments over the next 10 years. To date, we have invested over $1.1 million globally to fund social change.

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Auziros Give Back

We support our employees’ philanthropic interests with donation matching and by curating short and long-term volunteer opportunities for Auziros to give their time, expertise, and passion in their local communities.

Our targeted Social Outcomes

We believe that inclusive access to education and technology are key to prosperity, advancement, and unlocking human potential, regardless of location, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, cognitive or physical disabilities, religion, and economic status. Our charitable investment strategy focuses on the following Social Outcomes, as well as other employee-led initiatives and global disaster support.


Closing the Digital Divide to enable underserved communities to get connected and thrive.


Diversifying access and participation in secondary and university STEM and Computer Science education, especially by those most underserved, such as women/girls and students of color.


Creating more balanced teams in the technology and cybersecurity workforce, by including more women, people of color, and others underrepresented in tech.

Become a SAFEr social impact organization with Auth0

Utilize Auth0 in your websites and applications to protect your data, donor information, payment information, and other sensitive resources from people whose goal is to do harm.