Auth0 for Nonprofits

We contribute with resources for qualifying nonprofits and social enterprises worldwide to help them expand their organization’s impact, so that together, we can provide a “Secure Access for Everyone.”

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Resources for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises Around the World

Benefits include a discounted version of our Enterprise offering, free consulting services, guidelines, and customer support.

Why Auth0 for your Nonprofit?

Nonprofits typically focus on their program first and the technology second. We want to make sure your technology is running alongside your ambitions from day one. Some of the advantages that our nonprofit customers highlight are:

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Secure login & optional leveraging social/email credentials or even a passwordless option.


Easy integrations with back-end systems.


User data completely protected.


Faster implementation and time-to-market, including gradual user migration if needed.

Ready for us to help you?

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