Give Your Customers a Unique Travel Experience with Identity

Identity is foundational to increasing brand loyalty, and innovating a competitive edge for your travel app.

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Start Your Digital Roadmap with Identity to Delight Customers

Customers expect more than just a digital travel experience; they expect to be delighted with smart recommendations based on previous behavior, an experience tailored specifically to their mobile device, and easy discovery of travel options. Whether your app is for end users or business customers, with Auth0 your digital roadmap will only be limited by your imagination and your customers’ passion for travel.

  • Go Mobile with Your Customers

    Go Mobile with Your Customers

    Meet your customers where they are and how they prefer to connect. Integrate Auth0 with any mobile app to free up your developers to focus on innovation.

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  • Create a Single User Identity

    Create a Single User Identity

    Set the foundation for enriching user profile data and a personalized user experience through account linking, creating a consolidated view of your user identities across multiple applications.

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  • Move Mergers and Acquisitions Forward with Identity

    Move Mergers and Acquisitions Forward with Identity

    With the ability to connect any Identity Provider to any application, Auth0 allows you to quickly add databases on the back-end to support new offerings on the front-end.

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  • Use SSO to increase B2B adoption

    Use SSO to increase B2B adoption

    SSO for B2B SaaS travel offerings is table-stakes. So give your customers what they want with Auth0 and close more deals.

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Start increasing profits today

Take your customers where they want to go while positively impacting your bottom line through increased revenue from customer conversions, faster time to market for integrations and reduction in IAM related management costs.



Increase Brand Loyalty with Personalization

Customers have access to an unprecedented amount of travel information, peer reviews, pricing comparisons and tools, making brand loyalty more elusive than ever. Personalize the travel experience for your end-users and business customers to gain a competitive edge.

  • Route Business Partners Differently

    Route Business Partners Differently

    Add in customized permissions to route partners differently at certain parts of your application, ensuring an easy and relevant experience.

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  • Personalize the B2C User Experience

    Personalize the B2C User Experience

    The sky is the limit with Auth0 rules. Redirect users to a different page based on reward status, keep track of preferences, integrate with a product recommendation platform and more.

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Easily Add Value for B2B Customers and Partners

Your B2B SaaS travel customers will require your application to connect with their own identity providers and user databases before they consider purchasing. Further, partners and service providers require a smooth route to input robust and real-time booking options for end-user customers through your app.

  • Identity Allows the Unique Value

    Identity Allows the Unique Value

    When you provide a diverse range of Federation options with Auth0, customers focus on the core value of your B2B SaaS travel app versus getting caught up in ancillary details around identity.

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  • Make Your API Partnerships Official

    Make Your API Partnerships Official

    An effective API partnership strategy rests on the ability to authorize who should and shouldn’t be accessing your API. Use Auth0 API Authorization to partner responsibly and expand your reach.

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Meet Customers’ Compliance Requirements While Ensuring User Data Security & Privacy

You need customers’ personal data to personalize their experience... but they will hesitate if they feel their data is not being protected. Further, your business customers require security to meet their own compliance requirements.

  • Take the ‘Complex’ and ‘Lengthy’ out of GDPR Compliance

    Take the ‘Complex’ and ‘Lengthy’ out of GDPR Compliance

    Make the most out of any investment in identity tied to GDPR. Your business doesn’t stop and start with GDPR and neither should your plans for identity.

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  • SOC2 Type II Compliance

    SOC2 Type II Compliance

    Auth0 is SOC 2 Type II certified, complying with stringent requirements.

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  • Managing a User Database Must Be Done Securely

    Managing a User Database Must Be Done Securely

    Managing user databases takes people, time, and it can have security ramifications if patching and maintenance are not performed in a timely manner. So use the Auth0 user base and let us manage it for you. READ M

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  • We are a Security Company

    We are a Security Company

    At Auth0 Security is embedded into our employee training, engineering teams, our executive leadership team, our product development lifecycle and more. We go above and beyond best practices and follow the principles of transparent and responsible disclosure.

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