Turn Sporadic Traveler Engagement Into Secure, Continuous, Seamless Experiences

Build deeper brand loyalty by delivering seamless traveler and and touchless guest experiences that are secure with nonstop connectivity

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Start Your Digital Roadmap with Identity-Enabled Experiences That Delight Customers

Customers expect more than just a digital travel experience; they expect to be delighted with smart recommendations based on previous behavior, an experience tailored specifically to their mobile device. And they deserve loyalty and affinity programs that are friction-free and convenient to use.

  • Go Mobile with Your Customers

    Meet your customers where they are and how they prefer to connect. Integrate Auth0 with any mobile app to free up your developers to focus on innovation.

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  • Customer 360 Data Profiles

    Reduce fraudulent activity across touchpoints by creating individual customer 360° profiles based on Auth0’s behavior-based identity and access to spot suspicious behavior.

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  • Experience-Driven, Secure Guest Journeys

    Guests prefer hotels and destinations that deliver memorable experiences, personalized to their unique preferences. They want to be surprised, delighted, and informed, yet able to customize their journey. That requires brands to “hear” and “know” them with tailored experiences.

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  • Simplify Access

    Hotel, OTA, and airline customers want safe, fast, frictionless transactions along with contextually relevant recommendations; Auth0 enables that with authentication and progressive profiling.

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Increase Brand Loyalty with Personalization

Customers have access to an unprecedented amount of travel information, peer reviews, pricing comparisons and tools, making brand loyalty more elusive than ever. Personalize the travel experience for your end-users and business customers to gain a competitive edge.

  • Curb "Log-In Fatigue"

    Travelers often access multiple brands’ apps and platforms, each requiring one or more log-ins to achieve the customers’ desired outcome. Log-in fatigue negatively impacts usage, customer satisfaction and security; Auth0’s world-class security solution makes it easier for users to access and stay connected.

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  • Reduce Loyalty Program Fraud

    Travel and hospitality brands no longer need to tradeoff security with frictionless experience; Auth0’s consistent app security perimeter catches fraudulent behavior at the beginning and during every user session to reduce risk of Account Take Over and Sign Up Abuse.

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Expand Joint Loyalty Programs Participation

Offer more of what travelers and guests are looking for by participating in more ecosystems and partnership loyalty programs designed to appeal to customer-segment value propositions that deliver greater total consumer value.

  • Easy Loyalty Ecosystem Integration

    Deliver robust, off-the-shelf, and customized ecosystem partner loyalty programs integrations to improve usage frequency, sign ups, and sales conversion. Auth0 makes this easy with APIs that easily and securely integrate access to customer data.

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  • Adopt New Business Models

    Accelerate the adoption of new OTA and hospitality business models to drive growth and customer retention with Auth0’s easy to maintain extensible platform-independent CIAM.

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Meet Customers’ Compliance Requirements While Ensuring User Data Security & Privacy

You need customers’ personal data to personalize their experience... but they will hesitate if they feel their data is not being protected. Further, your business customers require security to meet their own compliance requirements.

  • Customer-Sensitive, Risk-Based Identity Management

    Traveler and guest journeys cross multiple channels and ecosystem partners’ websites and apps, secure and enable seamless experiences, without adding friction, with Auth0’s adaptive authentication based on individual customer behaviors, journey steps, and locations.

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  • Always Be Globally Compliant

    Compliance regulations around PII and data privacy is evolving in the Travel and Hospitality industry. Compliance means staying on top of GDPR, SOC2 Type II, new CCPA requirements, and preparing for a globally standardized blueprint for digital travel identity profiles.

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  • Reduce Identity Management Costs

    Keep platform and feature update costs under control by eliminating the time and workload on developers and IT staff to learn and maintain identity systems across multiple platforms.

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  • Centralize Compliance, Privacy, Security

    Build a consistent, auditable source of customer identity, online transactions, and data capture with Auth0’s Breached password protection and integrated consent management options.

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