Auth0 Best Practices

Our best practice guides have information on how to configure and use Auth0. We share recommended configuration settings, and show you how to get the most out of Auth0 features.

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General Usage and Operations How to save log files, set up your own email provider and customize email templates, subscribe to Auth0 status updates, store custom code and configurations, and much more.
Deployment How to use automated deployment for rules and set up test tenants.
Performance How to optimized Auth0 performance.
Debugging How to debug rules, add line comments, and enable and disable debug logging.
Error Handling How to use error objects and meaningful error code descriptions and avoid uninitialized objects in rules.
Multi-Tenant Applications How to use multiple connections, identify different tenants by application, store tenant details in app_metadata, and use separate tenants.
Mobile Device Login Flow How to configure SSO across native applications and devices, deal with phishing, and optimize implementation and load time.
Connection Settings How to use your credentials for social connections, review requested data, set password policies, disable user signup, and view applications enabled for each connection.
Custom Database Connections and Scripts How to optimize your custom database connections.
Passwordless Login Connections How to optimize passwordless login connections.
Rules How to optimize rules.
User Search How to get more out of Auth0 User Search.
Tokens How to optimize your token usage.