Auth0 Overview

Export User Data To Adobe Campaign

In this article, you’ll learn how to export user data in Auth0 to a CSV file then import it into Adobe Campaign with the Adobe Campaign Import Wizard.

Why use Auth0?

Create a user data file

Start by navigating to the Extensions section of the Dashboard and open the User Import / Export Extension. On the extension page, select Export from the menu.

Next, set the Export Format to the required file format. Adobe Campaign accepts file imports in CSV format so choose the Tab Separated Value file (*.csv) option.

User Import/Export Extension Format

At the top in the Fields section, provide a User Field and Column Name for each user attribute to include in the export. For example:

User Field Column Name
email Email Address
created_at Created At
given_name First Name
family_name Last Name

User Import/Export Extension Fields

After adding the user fields, click on the Export Users button to start the export. Once the export is complete, download the CSV file to use in the following section.

Which industry standards does Auth0 use?

Import a user data file

Log in to your Adobe Campaign client dashboard and navigate to Profiles and Targets > Jobs. Create a new import job by clicking the Create button and selecting New Import.

A new Import Wizard window should open. On the Template Selection step you can set your import parameters.

Parameter Description
Import template (leave as default) The job template, set to New text import by default.
Label A label for the job, for example: Importing Auth0 users.
Description A brief description of the job.
Import type Set to Simple import for single file imports and Multiple import for multiple file imports.
Folder Select the folder to save the import file to.

Adobe Campaign Import Wizard Template Selection

Once you've configured your import parameters, click the Next button to continue.

On the File to Import step upload the user data CSV file you exported from Auth0 in the previous section. Click the Next button to proceed to Field Mapping.

Next, map the export file schema to your Adobe Campaign database schema. Check that the field names and field types are correct, then click the Next button.

Adobe Campaign Import Wizard Field Mapping

Complete the remaining configuration steps by defining your data reconciliation mode and selecting a folder, list, or service for the users being imported.

Finally, begin the import by clicking the Start button on the Data Import Execution window.

Adobe Campaign Import Wizard Data Import Execution

That's it! You successfully imported your Auth0 users into Adobe Campaign.