Lock: Customizing Error Messages


This document covers a deprecated version of Lock which uses endpoints that have been removed from service. It will no longer function as expected. We recommend that you migrate to Lock v11 as soon as possible.

You can customize the error messages that will be displayed in certain situations by providing a languageDictionary option. A full listing of available languageDictionary fields to customize can be found in the GitHub repository's English Dictionary file for Lock 10. Below is an example of some customized error messages:

// Examples of customized error messages in the languageDictionary option
var options = {
  languageDictionary: {
    error: {
      login: {
        "lock.invalid_email_password": "Custom message about invalid credentials",
        "lock.network": "Custom message indicating a network error and suggesting the user check connection",
        "lock.unauthorized": "Custom message about a failure of permissions",
        "too_many_attempts": "Custom message indicating the user has failed to login too many times."
      signUp: {
        "invalid_password": "Custom message indicating a password was invalid",
        "user_exists": "Custom message indicating that a user already exists"

// Initiating our Auth0Lock
var lock = new Auth0Lock(

These errors will be shown on the widget header.