Customize Lock Error Messages

You can customize the error messages that will be displayed in certain situations by providing a languageDictionary option. A full listing of available languageDictionary fields to customize can be found in the GitHub repository's English Dictionary file for Lock. Below is an example of some customized error messages:

to configure this snippet with your account
// Examples of customized error messages in the languageDictionary option
var options = {
  languageDictionary: {
    error: {
      login: {
        "lock.invalid_email_password": "Custom message about invalid credentials",
        "": "Custom message indicating a network error and suggesting the user check connection",
        "lock.unauthorized": "Custom message about a failure of permissions",
        "too_many_attempts": "Custom message indicating the user has failed to login too many times."
      signUp: {
        "invalid_password": "Custom message indicating a password was invalid",
        "user_exists": "Custom message indicating that a user already exists"

// Initiating our Auth0Lock
var lock = new Auth0Lock(

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Custom errors in Rules

If you are returning custom error codes from a rule or a custom database script, you can handle custom errors:

  • In your application's redirect URL by reading the error and error_mesage query string parameters.

  • By redirecting the user back to your hosted pages with a custom error message and displaying the message with a flash message.

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