Log Streams

Auth0's log streaming service allows you to export tenant log events to a log event analysis service URL. You can choose the content type and form and preview the payload using the Auth0 Dashboard. Log streaming allows you to react to events like password changes or new registrations with your own business logic. Using the Auth0 Dashboard, you can pause a stream, view and update settings, and check the health of the stream.

You can create a new log stream in the Auth0 Dashboard using one of the services we support or you can configure a stream to a service you already use with a custom webhook.

Dashboard Monitoring Streams

Supported log streaming services

We support a variety of log streaming services through the Auth0 Marketplace, including:

Delivery attempts and log retention

Auth0 uses a streaming mechanism that delivers each event to your server as it is triggered in our system. We guarantee events are delivered at least once.

When an event is triggered:

  1. We attempt to deliver the event to your server up to three times.

  2. If we fail to reach your server by the third attempt, we log an error visible in the Health view for the log stream.

  3. We restart this process for any errored events until the problem is resolved.

If we fail to reach your server for 7 consecutive days, we'll automatically pause the stream. You'll need to resolve the issue, and then resume the stream manually.

Auth0 retains events for 30 days. If there is an issue where your server does not receive log events sent from Auth0, you can set the Starting Cursor field to restart the stream from a specific day and time within the 30-day retention period.

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