Auth0 Integrations

Reduce implementation time with Auth0-reviewed integrations that you can trust. The Auth0 platform is inherently extensible, allowing you to meet your specific needs by tailoring identity flows with custom code and integrating with third-party applications and tools.

Go to Auth0 Marketplace to find and enable third-party identity solutions that integrate with our products.

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Amazon Web Services How to integrate with Amazon products and services such as CloudFront, CloudWatch, EventBridge and more.
Secure AWS API Gateway Endpoints Using Custom Authorizers How to secure AWS Gateway endpoints using custom authorizers that accept Auth0-issued access tokens.
Integrate with Azure API Management How to authenticate users trying to access APIs managed by Azure API Management.
Secure Google Cloud Endpoints with Auth0 How to secure Google Cloud Endpoints with Auth0.
Single Sign-On Integrations How to authenticate single sign-on third-party applications with Auth0.
Marketing Tool Integrations How to provide user data for your marketing tools to personalize marketing and increase user engagement.
Marketplace Partners How to connect with service providers and builders who implement Auth0 integrations.