Identity Reinvented. Or Not.

We’ve all lived this. In order to move fast, your company throws a quick and dirty login form on their new SaaS application. And then they do it again for the next application. And again. And again. And it works! Or at least it kinda works.

But what happens when you need to change configurations in your identity platform? How do you do it for all the spread login implementations? And what about when there’s a new security bug you need to fix? And what happens when your customers require to update their profile, delete their account, configure multi-factor or when they demand extra security because of all the recent breaches?

Join Michael, Head of Content and Guidance at Auth0, in this talk where he’ll discuss his journey on past teams, from writing multiple individual login forms for each application, to buying an identity platform to support all of their needs.


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Identity Reinvented. Or Not.
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