Integrate with Amazon Web Services and Products

There are many ways to integrate Auth0 with Amazon products and services depending on your specific needs.

Product integrations

You can read further on how to use the products below to use in addition to your Auth0 and AWS services:

  • CloudFront: Use as a reverse proxy with your custom domain.

  • Simple Email Service (SES): Manage email communications with your users.

  • EventBridge: Stream logs to EventBridge.

  • Cognito: Use as a backend for your application.

Identity and access management (IAM) integrations

We have several how-to articles to configure AWS to work with Auth0:

  • Secure AWS API Gateway endpoints using custom authorizers: Accept Auth0-issued access tokens.

  • Use AWS session tags with AWS APIs and resources: Tag resources and assign users key/value pairs for RBAC.

  • Configure AWS for single sign-on: Allow your users to log in to AWS using any supported identity provider.

  • Add Amazon login to your app: Allow users to log in to your app using their Amazon profile.

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