Marketplace Partners

At Auth0, we consider extensibility to be one of our essential product capabilities. But while our endless options for integration are an excellent way to customize your own unique solution, it can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming for our customers to figure out how to implement them. Enter the Auth0 Marketplace.

We built the Marketplace as a way to connect our customers with service providers and builders who implement these types of integrations regularly. Listing your integration with Auth0 promotes your company with our customers who are looking to do more with their authentication pipeline.

Plan your integration

Each integration you build should have a clear and well-explained use case solving a specific customer problem. If multiple customer problems can be solved with integrations between Auth0 and your service, we can list multiple integrations.

Use the pages below to learn more about integrating with Auth0.

Defining your Integration Use Case

Our customers need to understand what problem your integration will solve and how it will go about solving it.

Learn more about integration use cases

Introduction to Integration

Explore Auth0 extensibility and all the different ways that Auth0 can be customized.

Learn more about integrating

Build your integration

Integrations with Auth0 are built on one or more of our extensibility points. Sign up for a free Auth0 tenant, and use our documentation to get your service working with Auth0 and learn how to get listed in our Marketplace.

We have specific guidance for our most common integrations below. Please contact our partner account team using the link at the bottom of this page if you need an example that's not listed here.


Actions Integrations are closed-source, self-contained functions written in JavaScript that execute at specific points in the Auth0 platform. 

Learn how to build an Action Integration

Social Connections

Social Connection Integrations are OAuth2 sources of identity that provide a profile to Auth0 after a user successfully logs in.

Learn how to build a Social Connection

SSO Integrations

SSO Integrations use an Auth0 identity to log in, via SAML, to an external service.

Learn how to build an SSO Integration

Get listed

Once you have an integration working, Auth0 will work with you to publish the integration in the Auth0 Marketplace. When you submit your integration you must provide this information:

  1. The business and marketing content for your Auth0 Marketplace listing. This includes your company's description and logo and describes what the integration does.

  2. The code and configuration you used for the integration. Partners typically submit the code using GitHub.

  3. An installation guide in Markdown format with instructions on how to configure your service to work with Auth0. Please follow our Writing Tips for Installation Guides when you create this document.

If you're ready to become a partner and submit your integration to list in the Auth0 Marketplace, please fill out the Auth0 Marketplace support center. If you ware a new partner, you will need to Apply to become a Marketplace partner, after that you can fill out the "Submit a new Integration" form with the information described above.

See the integration types above for more information about the code, configuration, and documentation that should be included with each integration.

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