Introduction to Integrating with Auth0

Auth0 provides an authentication and authorization service built on open standards like OIDC, OAuth2, SAML, and others. But, more than that, we provide tools so our customers can outsource user centralization and management, components of application security, and connecting networks of applications to a single source of identity.

An important part of this is enabling partners, such as yourself, to create an ecosystem of integrations that can be used to enhance and extend what we already provide. We do this by providing extensibility points and methods to allow customization. This means more functionality for customers with less maintenance burden for them.

Almost 90% of our customers extend the Auth0 platform for their unique requirements. By working with you to solve for common identity problems and use cases, we can expedite the time it takes our customers to implement their identity workflows.

What can be extended?

This video below is a quick walk-through of Auth0 under the hood, identifying the places where you are able to add an integration.

The list below is a list of the different ways that Auth0 can be customized. Some extensibility points allow integrations to be installed directly while others would need a guide that a customer can follow. Also note that some of the extensibility points require a paid Auth0 account.

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