Social Connections for Partners

In Auth0, Connections are a source of user identity for logging in (video). Social Connection is the term we use for a consumer-level source of identity, like Google or Facebook (video). Customers can provide their users with the option of using one or more social connections on the login form, or just use a single provider by including a URL parameter when redirecting to the login form.

Social Connections for Partners - Universal Login with Social Connections - Example login page

Once a user is logged in, their identity from the social provider is mapped to an Auth0 profile, and the result is sent to the application that requested login. This creates an Auth0 user record using the identity from the selected Social Connection. The attributes used for this record are mapped from the external identity source to an Auth0 user profile.

Your Marketplace Social Connection will start as a Custom Social Connection that can be built on any Auth0 tenant, so you can see how the transaction will work and make sure that users can log in with your authorization server. The following video will show you how to build and test a Connection in Auth0.

Submit your Social Connection

Once you have an integration working, Auth0 will work with you to publish the integration in the Auth0 Marketplace. When you submit your integration you must provide this information:

  1. The business and marketing content for your Auth0 Marketplace listing. This includes your company's description and logo and describes what the integration does.

  2. The code and configuration you used for the integration. Partners typically submit the code using GitHub.

  3. An installation guide in Markdown format with instructions on how to configure your service to work with Auth0. Please follow our Writing Tips for Installation Guides when you create this document.

If you're ready to become a partner and submit your integration to list in the Auth0 Marketplace, please fill out the Auth0 Marketplace support center. If you ware a new partner, you will need to Apply to become a Marketplace partner, after that you can fill out the "Submit a new Integration" form with the information described above.

We will need the following configuration and documentation:

  • The Authorization and Token URLs that should be used; if your authorization server uses a tenant architecture, include the pattern to use, and we will include a Tenant Domain field or similar.

  • A list of fields that the customer configuring the integration should see, including Client ID and Client Secret

  • A list of scopes that can be requested, including whether to require them and/or request them by default

  • A profile mapping script (following the mapping script template). This script must map a unique identifier to user_id and, if possible, email, email_verified, and name

  • An installation guide written in Markdown and following the social connection installation guide template