The Office 365 connection is deprecated, you should use Windows Azure AD instead. See here for more details.

Connect your app to Microsoft Office 365

To configure Microsoft Office 365 connections, you need to a register an application in the Seller Dashboard.

This doc refers to the client steps to connect your client. If you are looking to manage authentication in your application, see Next Steps below.

1. Log into the Seller Dashboard

Log into the Seller Dashboard, then select client ids.

2. Create a new OAuth client id

Select Add a new oauth client id.

Complete the form with your app information:

  • Friendly Client ID Name: YOUR_APP_NAME
  • App Domain: YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN
  • App Redirect URL: https://YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN/login/callback

3. Generate the ClientId and ClientSecret

Once you have completed the form, click GENERATE CLIENT ID. Your ClientId and ClientSecret will appear on the page.

This is your only opportunity in Office 365 to copy the ClientSecret, it is not shown anywhere else once this window is closed.

In your Auth0 dashboard, select Connections > Enterprise, then select Office 365.

Copy the ClientId and ClientSecret from the Seller Dashboard into your Office 365 connection settings on this page.

Next Steps

Now that you have a working connection, the next step is to configure your application to use it. You can initiate login using Lock, Auth0.js, or the Authentication API endpoint.

For detailed instructions and samples for a variety of technologies, refer to our quickstarts:

For more background information on client authentication refer to Client Authentication.