Enterprise Connections

Enterprise Connections

Auth0 provides Enterprise connections to authenticate users in an external, federated identity provider (IdP) such as Azure AD, Google Workspace, PingFederate, and more.

Availability varies by Auth0 plan

Your Auth0 plan or custom agreement affects the availability of this feature. To learn more, read Auth0's Pricing Page.

Create an Enterprise connection

Auth0 supports many IdPs out of the box. To learn more, read Enterprise Identity Providers.

View Enterprise connections

Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Authentication > Enterprise to see all available Enterprise connection types. Select a connection type (for example, SAML) to see if there are any configured connections of that type.

You can also select a configured connection and check the Applications tab to see if it is enabled for any applications.

What is an active Enterprise connection?

An Enterprise connection is considered active if (during the current month) it has both:

  • Been enabled for an application.

  • Had user activity (for example, login, sign-up, or token exchange).

If an Enterprise connection was never enabled for any application, or was enabled but did not have any user activity during the current month, it is not considered active.

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