Obtaining a Client ID and Client Secret for WordPress

To configure WordPress OAuth2 connections, you will need to register Auth0 with the WordPress Developer Portal.

1. Log In to the Developer Portal

Go to the WordPress Developer Portal, and log in with your WordPress credentials. Select My Applications.

2. Provide Your Auth0 Client Information.

If you have not already registered your application with Wordpress, click Create New Application:

Complete the fields on the Create an Application screen with the requested details. Use this URL as your callback: https://YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN/login/callback

Once you've done so (or if you have previously registered your application), you will see your application listed on your dashboard landing page.

3. Get Your Client ID and Client Secret

Once you have created/registered your application, you will see it listed on your dashboard landing page. Click Manage Application to be taken to a display of your OAuth Information.

Copy your new Client ID and Client Secret values, and paste them into the appropriate Connection settings page in Auth0.