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Introducing the Auth0 Research Program

Help shape Auth0 products and uncover opportunities for innovation

Last Updated On: July 27, 2022

Understanding our customers and their needs is both a commitment and a goal for us. In fact, one promise of Auth0 products is to help our customers understand their customers. Knowing how critical the customer experience is, a big part of our Research team’s mission is to listen to and amplify the voices of our customers while establishing a direct channel between them and our product teams.

This is why we’re thrilled to announce the Auth0 Research Program. Since its inception, the Auth0 Research team has been committed to developing an ethical, scalable, efficient, and impactful practice in order to help our teams discover and share insights about our customers and users and uncover new opportunities for innovation and product improvements. Our Research Program is the next logical extension of this mission.

What Is the Research Program?

The Research Program is a way for current Auth0 users to directly interact with the people who build Auth0. Members help us build better products and services by opting into being our first choice for recruiting for future research projects.

How Does It Work?

Applying to our Research Program means having the opportunity to participate in interviews with our teams, test prototypes, respond to surveys, and provide feedback during product roadmap previews. We periodically reach out to participants who meet different eligibility criteria depending on our projects and the type of audience our teams need to talk to. Studies are often conducted remotely (via Zoom) but may also include asynchronous participation or, on occasion, in-person events.

Benefits of Joining

In addition to being the first choice for our research needs and having a direct communication line to our Product team, Research Program members get paid for the studies they participate in. Members can also receive year-end gifts and rewards for hitting specific participation milestones, as well as early access to new Auth0 features via product beta programs.

How Does the Program Affect Auth0 Products?

Customer feedback has a direct and significant impact on the products and services we provide. It helps us make better decisions and guide the creation of new features and make existing ones even better.

We recently completed a series of usability studies to inform the new Auth0’s Quickstart experience. We’ve also applied feedback from the developer community to improve the structure and navigation of our product documentation.

Notes on Accessibility and Inclusion

As a product unit, Auth0 wants to increase the representation of traditionally marginalized groups in the tech space, and our Research Program is no exception. We want our panel to represent the entire population of our users and are actively working to increase participation from people from diverse backgrounds and locations, people with accessibility needs, and neurodivergent folks.

We want to create the most inclusive and accessible authentication solution that there is on the market, and we can’t do that alone. We hope you will join us in accomplishing this goal.

Notes on Data Privacy

We take data privacy seriously: the only people who have access to this data are those that need access, and if you would like your data to be deleted at any time, please email Auth0’s Research Program is subject to our privacy policy and our terms of service.


We’d love to have you be part of the Auth0 Research Program. If you’re interested, apply to join the Auth0 Research Program today or to learn more!

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