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Auth0 Is Hiring in Spain and Canada!

Auth0's CPO shares how his team is expanding their global hiring and technical hubs to new locations.

February 19, 2021

Last week, we announced that two new hiring programs are coming to the Auth0 Engineering and Product Delivery teams in the US: the Virtual Summer Internship and Junior Engineer programs. Today, I am delighted to follow up with yet another exciting announcement: Auth0 is expanding its global talent pool through focused hiring in Spain and Canada. This hiring strategy will allow us to create new Auth0 technical hubs.

Auth0's global and remote-friendly structure was born out of necessity. Auth0 was co-founded by people who were almost 7,000 miles apart: Eugenio was in the United States (Bellevue, WA), while Matias was in Argentina (Buenos Aires). At Auth0, we've always looked for the right talent regardless of location. As such, the Product Delivery team has employees in over 21 countries.

Historically, we've applied a remote-centric approach to team dynamics, which has been working well for us. However, a key element to our remote strategy and culture is having our domains and functional teams spend time in person in locations where we have offices. We want to continue hiring wherever talent is and create a few intentional hubs that would facilitate teams coming together face-to-face when needed without traveling thousands of miles to our main offices and hubs in Bellevue or Buenos Aires.

We Are Hiring in Spain and Canada!

With the goal of expanding our talent globally, we are focusing on hiring in Spain and Canada to continue building on the fantastic momentum we've had so far. We evaluated over a half dozen countries that aligned with our company strategies. We then realized that we've already been building talented teams with people located in Spain and Canada over the last few years.

Carolyn Moore, Auth0's Senior Vice President of People, reinforces the impact of this strategy in her "Rethinking Your Workforce Strategy" blog post: "It is critical to be intentional about your workplace cultures and nurture them whether you are in person or not. . . Understanding how we can build better career opportunities in a remote workplace is key for the future of our workforces."

While we remain remote-centric, our additional hiring focus in Spain and Canada will allow us to accomplish the following goals:

  • Focus on team health and wellness: Building local hubs in centralized time zones allows for more frequent in-person meet-ups and training to combat screen fatigue and some of the downsides of remote working. Hiring a significant number of people in targeted areas can help us create work schedules that promote a healthier work-life balance.

  • Amplify our Diversity and Inclusion goals: A renewed focus on building our teams outside of the United States reinforces our mission to welcome a culturally broader group of individuals with unique backgrounds and skillsets.

  • Refine our remote-centric Recruiting, Hiring, and Training practices: We haven't decided yet when we will open our physical offices or hubs in these new locations. However, we will always remain true to our remote practices and flexibility. We will continue to use these expansion opportunities to iterate and improve the full Auth0 employee lifecycle experience.

Join Us Next Week to Learn More

As we expand our presence in the talent markets of Canada and Spain, we will be running a series of virtual tech talks, webinars, and live Q&As to help local talent learn more about Auth0 and to connect with our organization.

Next week, we will host a Spain tech talk with Ana Cidre, Senior Developer Advocate Engineer, and Matias Woloski, CTO and co-founder, about remote work and the founding story of Auth0. The virtual event will take place on Thursday, February 25, 2021, at 6:30 PM local time (GMT+1). Please click here to register for this virtual event hosted in Spain!

Auth0 Tech Talk in Spain

What time is GMT+1 for you? Click here to find out.

Start exploring our open roles in these new locations today! Check out our job openings in Spain and our job openings in Canada.

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