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Auth0 Launches Virtual Summer Internships and Junior Engineer Program

Introducing these two new programs to bring new and diverse talent to our organizations.

Last Updated On: April 05, 2021

Like many other technology companies, we are kicking off 2021 plans with a focus on bringing new and diverse talent to our organizations. This is why today, I am excited to announce two new programs we are kicking off this summer at Auth0: The Summer Internship Program and the Engineering Launch Program.

At Auth0, we are a company of builders who come to work every day to solve complex problems for our customers so that they can focus on the business problems that matter to them. For our customers, authentication and authorization are vital to every application. Implementing these in the right way is a hard problem for them, and it's only getting worse.

Identity is the only technology that sits at the intersection of convenience, privacy, and security. For their consumers, it is the place to make (or break) a good impression. This is what fuels our mission at Auth0 — to secure the world's identities so that innovators can innovate.

Today, I am excited to share two new programs in our global product delivery organization to attract aspiring developers, designers, data engineers, and students to join us in our mission to enable easy and secure access to any application. We have purposefully designed both programs with the following in mind:

Mentorship: Program participants will benefit from ongoing support from leadership, a dedicated mentor, and a buddy for the entire program. Every engineer should feel encouraged, developed, and supported. Our commitment to growing our team, especially through mentorship, means we value and prioritize these relationships as part of our culture.

Meaningful Projects: Our interns and ELP (Engineering Launch Program) participants will own meaningful projects and contribute to our roadmap. Their assignments will offer challenging and hands-on opportunities to learn about our products while delivering real customer value.

Continuous Learning: These roles will collaborate across teams to solve technical and non-technical challenges, get a well-rounded view of our business, diversify their skills, and stay ahead of the curve with a specialized curriculum to propel their careers.

Development: We will challenge the cohorts to meet their personal and professional goals — while having fun along the way. In addition to project work and mentorship, they will learn from key members of the team through our Speaker Series, Lunch & Learns, and Coffee Chats.

Remote Culture: Born as a globally-distributed organization out of necessity, Auth0 has tried and tested strategies for making remote work successful. With over half of our workforce working fully remotely before COVID-19, we've worked hard to establish a strong remote-friendly culture. Our unique culture will teach young minds to thrive as they sharpen their ability to excel in asynchronous work environments.

Introducing the Summer Internship Program

We are introducing our very first summer internship program. The internship program runs over the summer and is geared towards undergraduates looking to gain experience, solve real problems, and develop technical and soft skills. The program is fully remote and open to anyone in the US.

Summer Internship Program

The internship assignments will be project-based and supported by a manager and mentor to maximize hands-on learning. Our internship program is going to offer students a unique experience:

  • Hackathons: We'll kick off onboarding week with a Hackathon and close out the program with a second Hackathon.

  • Speaker series: Twice a month, there will be a speaker series featuring leaders across Auth0. These sessions will have an interactive Q&A so that our interns and leaders get to learn about each other.

  • Learning and impact: Our projects will be appropriately challenging, allow for cross-team collaboration, learning opportunities, and will make a direct impact on our 2021 roadmap.

  • Coffee chats: These are weekly virtual coffee meetings with fellow Auziros. Mentors will facilitate these connections so that our interns can get an inside look at the day-to-day work of different departments.

  • Personal Development: Fridays will be reserved for personal development towards their goals.

  • Lunch & Learn: 45-minute sessions with key members from across Auth0 for a crash course on all things Identity.

  • Project demos: The program will finish off with a demo where interns will showcase their projects and outcomes to the entire company.

We have plans to expand this program beyond the US, and those will be unveiled later this year.

Anyone who is an undergraduate student in the United States can apply for one of our 2021 summer virtual internships by visiting the Auth0 careers page. We have open intern positions in a wide array of fields, such as Data Engineering, Design, Security, and Software Engineering. Each internship career post will help you learn more about the projects that we have identified as ideal for our first intern class. Check them out!

Introducing the Engineering Launch Program (ELP)

We are also excited to introduce the Engineering Launch Program. This program is tailored for new graduates and Bootcamp graduates. The program participants will begin their 15-month program with a 3-month Foundations course to prepare them for success.

The Foundations course is a multi-faceted training curriculum that will effectively prepare new engineers to begin contributing in their development roles and warmly introduce them to our Auth0 and Engineering culture.

Engineering Launch Program

The ELP will likely begin remotely until it is safe to return to our headquarters in Bellevue, WA.

Undergraduate students and Bootcamp graduates with the right to work in the US, who are graduating this Spring, are all invited to apply today as a New Grad Software Engineer to our Engineering Launch Program.

We are excited to open our doors to the next generation of talent and look forward to expanding these opportunities to our global applicants in the future.

Happy coding, and stay healthy!


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