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Illustration created by Sofi Salazar.

The Real ROI of Auth0, Part 1: Time to Market

Massive time savings and implementation ease delivers strong ROI for Auth0 customers

June 20, 2019

Illustration created by Sofi Salazar.

That login box doesn't look complicated.

Or, at least, it shouldn't.

But, as Principal Architect Vittorio Bertocci explains in this video (1:37 sec), identity can be surprisingly complex.

What's behind that login box protects your company, your partners, and your customers. And while the smart team you hired is solving the complex problem of identity, you can miss VC deadlines or holidays that would have boosted sales or an opportunity to integrate with a larger enterprise who isn't willing to wait for you to catch up to their roadmap.

Missed deadlines. Missed sales. Missed opportunities.

Illustration for The Real ROI of Auth0 – Part 1: Time To Market

Beat the POC Waiting Game

Pivoting with some vendors can introduce you to a whole new type of waiting. It's not uncommon for a development team to get frustrated waiting months for other identity providers to show them that they can (or can't) meet their vision. Since Auth0 was built for-developers-by-developers, we get the pain of waiting — and we're not surprised when customers like World Vision share that they got excited or "went rogue" and spun up a POC with Auth0.

Finn AI, an Auth0 customer and partner, was working on creating a conversational AI for banking providers and needed to know if Auth0 was up to the security, regulatory, and speed challenges. "Our first proof of concept around using Auth0 was done by an engineer over his weekend because he was excited about it. We had a 48-hour turnaround on that first POC of Auth0 within an SDK environment," says Robin Monks, Director of Engineering, Finn AI.

For customers with more complex needs, like Innit, a smart cooking platform integrated with various connected appliances from companies like Electrolux, GE, Google and Amazon, the POC can take a bit longer. "It took no more than a week to get the initial proof of concept running from the app through Auth0 and to our user servers," says Kevin Slattery, Principal Software Engineer, Innit Inc.

"Still waiting on that identity POC? Auth0 customers on how POCs in hours or weeks + rapid implementation boosted ROI. #realROIauth0"


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Regardless of whether you're exploring with the help of an Auth0 resource or on your own, we make it easy for you. Figuring out if Auth0 will work for you is free, no credit card required. And we support you with docs, quickstarts and our Auth0 Community.

But How Fast Is Implementation?

Less than a month for 94% of our customers.

Really. Even for some of the most complex use cases. And that's without sacrificing security or innovation (more on both in upcoming posts. Our customers also see a 33% reduction in time to federate enterprise partners (Forrester).

And that's with less than six months of payback time.

But implementation isn't everything — long-term customer satisfaction is better.

When implementing a global Single Sign On (SSO), Schneider Electric turned to Auth0 for a solution that could clarify identities and connect disjointed "islands of data."

"The Auth0 platform makes it easier for our developers and engineers to swiftly implement something ordinarily complicated. We've saved time, money, manpower (and a headache or two) when it comes to federated identity management. More importantly, Auth0 provides a value which translates to direct security and efficiency benefits for our company and a better user experience for our customers," says Stephen Berard, former Senior Global Software Architect, Schneider Electric.

Scaling federated identity and reducing risk with quick security patches is now possible.

Wine Direct supports 1,800 wineries while processing five million orders yearly with the help of Auth0. Wine Direct Full Stack Web Developer Lucas Klaassen explains why Wine Direct chose to go with identity experts: "Everyone thinks they need to reinvent the wheel with authentication until they realize that companies out there or experts in the field are providing the tools to be able to do it really quickly. Within a week we had a working prototype within Auth0. I'd say [full implementation took] less than six months for us, into the point where we were actually running it in production ... When we flipped the switch, it was super seamless. We haven't run into a lot of issues with Auth0. There's been hardly any."

The Benefit of Focus

The news that context switching destroys productivity isn't new, but articles often talk about why it's bad and hours lost and how to triage your time. They forget to talk about the benefits of focus.

Whether you're rapidly iterating or working through ideations on adjacent applications the collective productivity of freeing your team to focus on their core mission can offer big payoffs in timeliness as well as innovation, like the kind discovered by mass customization platform Cimpress.

With the help of Auth0, Cimpress created seamless authentication for 1,500 applications across 500 microservices APIs and 100 UIs — and is now able to add new businesses within five minutes. "Auth0 enables us to focus developer time on actual innovative work in the mass customization space. Every second that a developer doesn't have to worry about how their callers are going to authenticate brings value to the organization, says Ryan Breen, Director API Management, Cimpress. (More on how identity can spur innovation in our next ROI post.)

"Rapid iteration? Customization? Find out how why customers like @cimpress went with Auth0 to speed to market while boosting ROI. #realROIauth0"


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