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Unlock Deeper Customization in Actions with Three New Capabilities

Three new capabilities are all now available in Auth0 Actions.

August 29, 2023

Do More with Actions

You can now unlock deeper identity customization with Auth0 by Okta. Starting today, you can use advanced features in Auth0 Actions, which include SAML Mapping, Root-Level User Attributes, and Access Token Scope. These new capabilities enable you to seamlessly upgrade from Rules to Actions - our flagship extensibility product.

Allow Deep Customization with Three New Capabilities in Actions

Our new functionalities bring unique benefits to developers and their customers alike. We dive deeper into these below.

SAML mapping and configuration

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is essential for sharing authentication and authorization data between various identity and service providers. Our latest update integrates SAML mapping and configuration into Actions, streamlining the handling of user data and facilitating integration with SAML-based identity providers.

Developers can now map user attributes and claims from SAML assertions directly to user profiles using Actions. This integration simplifies the management of user attributes, ensuring a seamless flow of data between different identity providers and their applications. As a result, you can create context-aware, personalized experiences, bolstering your identity pipeline. Learn more about SAML in our Docs.

Access Token scope

Access tokens are crucial for token-based authentication, allowing an application to access an API. With our upgrade, developers can freely add or remove claim scopes with custom APIs, enhancing their ability to meet their overall security needs. Learn more about Access Token in our Docs.

Root-Level user attributes

The normalized Auth0 user profile includes both root attributes and profile attributes from various identity providers. Our latest update provides a comprehensive exposure to these attributes, enabling developers to better customize their identity solutions. This means you can make more use of standard properties such as user.roles, user.groups, and user.permissions to understand customer profiles and protect user interests better. Learn more about User Attributes in our Docs.

Migrating to Actions: It’s All about out-of-Box Customization

In today's shifting digital landscape, off-the-shelf identity solutions are often insufficient. Given unique organizational needs and ever-changing regulations, customization and flexibility are critical. Auth0 Actions offers an opportunity for deep customization, benefiting customers, partners, and developers alike.

We encourage you to move from Rules and Hooks to Actions for improved developer experiences and ongoing feature enhancements. By using Actions, you can directly integrate third-party solutions, bypassing the need for custom code and benefiting from improved caching performance. Embrace simplicity and flexibility in identity management— transition to Auth0 Actions today.

We are here to help. Visit our Move to Actions page for more migration information and learn more about SAML, Access Token, and User Attributes in our Docs.

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