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Hello Developers, Time to Get Your Oktane On

Oktane 2022 happens in San Francisco from November 8-10 and we'd love to meet you there at the Developer Hub. We've designed presentations and workshops with developers in mind.

October 17, 2022

There are plenty of great reasons for developers to join us in San Francisco for Oktane 22, November 8-10, 2022. We’re back together live and in person—and we’ve built a developer experience with folks like you in mind.

Can’t make it to San Francisco this year? Register now for Oktane Online! We’ll be live-streaming the keynotes as well as hosting industry, international, and meet-the-expert sessions.

Why Come to Oktane

Developers make it possible for anyone to use Okta’s identity cloud to connect securely to any online technology, anywhere. Whether you support Okta in the workplace or build on our Auth0 by Okta offering for authorization and authentication, whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran of the IAM (Identity and Access Management) space, we’d love to meet you at Oktane. Engineers and developer advocates will share roadmaps and knowledge through talks, workshops, and 1:1 conversations. Come for the learning and stay for the good times. As always, we want to hear from you about your pain points, feature requests, and ideas for the future.

Developer Workshops and Presentations

Our speakers are developers from Okta and Auth0 by Okta, as well as engineers from around the world who work with our platform. They’ll cover best practices for protecting your front-end and back-end with OAuth. You’ll learn how Okta APIs and SDKs can help take care of authentication, authorization, and user management for your application. We’re bringing our latest hands-on workshops and challenges (road-tested and refined at Developer Days), as well as 1:1 consultations with solutions architects, to the Oktane Developer Hub.

Agenda Overview

We’ve curated a great lineup for developers to make sure you get the most out of your Oktane experience this year. Note: All times are PDT, and talks are 30 minutes; the Developer keynote at 3:30 pm on Wednesday runs 45 minutes and includes demos of our bright passwordless future. This keynote will be featured on the live stream. Other talks will be available for a limited time only via Oktane online. If you can't come to San Francisco, be sure to sign up now for Oktane Online.

🗓 Wednesday, November 9:

🕚 11:00 am - Using React to Customize Your Auth0 User Experience
Brandon Weber, CTO, Basis Theory

React with Auth0 by Okta offers a powerful way to bring CI/CD, automation, and customization to your identity workflows. With a simple app in React, we used a modern toolchain to build our identity UI and leverage the Auth0 Deploy CLI Tool to automatically push those changes live. In this session, we’ll show how we use React to style our sign-up, and sign-in user flows in concert with Auth0 by Okta.

🕐 1:45 pm - HTTP Security Headers Refresher
Amin Abbaspour, Lead Solutions Architect, Okta

Here’s a developer-friendly refresher on how to harden website and browser security leveraging extended HTTP headers. We’ll cover CORS, HSTS, CSP, and more.

🕒 3:30pm - Customer Identity Cloud for Devs: Building a Passwordless World (Keynote)
Shiven Ramji, Chief Product Officer, CIC, Okta
Bhawna Singh, SVP, Engineering, Okta
Vittorio Bertocci, Principal Architect, Okta

It’s time to move beyond centrally-stored passwords and to free everyone to safely use any technology. In this hour, we’ll explore the latest capabilities of the Customer Identity Cloud and how we can build a better identity experience together. And we will discuss how Okta and our partners are making it easier for every developer to secure their customers’ identities.

🕓 4:30 pm - Integrating Okta’s New Push SDK
Hans Reichenbach, Software Architect, Okta

This session will focus on how to integrate the new Push SDK into your mobile application. Starting with simple integration, we’ll look at how to integrate your existing authentication flows to get access tokens for the SDK to use in enrolling and maintaining itself. Our wrap-up will feature the upcoming Transactional MFA functionality being built to support securing high-risk actions in your product.

🗓 Thursday, November 10

🕙 10:15am Terraform-Driven Auth0 Customization Using Modern CI/CD
Brandon Michelsen, Senior Software Engineer, Google
Daphnne Chacon, Associate Solutions Architect, Okta

This project-driven presentation will demonstrate how you can customize Auth0 by Okta using Terraform and GitHub Actions, with considerations made for production-grade deployment paradigms. The speakers show you how they managed the deployment of a SPA with an accompanying back-end, from developer testing to promoting their project into production.

🕛 12:00pm Life Beyond Passwords
Sam Bellen, Principal Developer Advocate, Okta

In his overview of current passwordless approaches and look at the future of authentication, Sam Bellen will cover one-time passwords, passwordless biometric authentication using the web authentication API, the recently announced passkeys, and everything in between.

See you in San Francisco!

You’ll find talks and sessions for developers across all tracks, covering a broad spectrum of topics from API security to zero trust. Get a glimpse at the future of identity. You can design your own agenda, but be sure to leave time for community, networking, and play. Stop by the Developer Hub for great swag and serendipitous surprises. Need a little help convincing your boss to send you? We’ve got you covered.

Serena Williams and Magic Johnson have joined the speaker lineup and the Oktane 22 website has all the details for attending in person, along with how to attend Oktane Online.

Oktane 22

Ready to register? Hope to see you there!

Originally published at Okta Blog.

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