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Okta + Auth0 Showcase 2021: Identity for All

CEOs Todd McKinnon and Eugenio Pace highlight the exciting opportunities ahead for the combined company

October 13, 2021

Today, we’re bringing you Okta’s third Showcase, joining forces virtually with teammates, customers, and partners from around the world for our annual fall event that provides an inside look at how the company is innovating.

This year, it’s not just Okta taking the stage: it’s Okta + Auth0. Six months ago, we officially embarked on a mission to join our two companies and lead together in the customer identity and access management (CIAM) market with our shared worldview for a neutral, independent identity cloud. While we came from very different backgrounds, we both built our companies to innovate on identity from the ground up and prioritize customer success—so we connect on helping customers drive outcomes that matter most to them. Our cultures are strongly aligned with a strong focus on transparency and innovation, all with trust at the center.

Since the acquisition closed in May, we’ve learned so much about our teams, companies, and technology. This partnership (eight years in the making!) has exceeded expectations beyond what we’ve imagined and has reinforced our commitment to continue investing in both platforms. We’ve invited both teams here today to share our joint story of growth, momentum, and strategy in the CIAM market.

The World Is Shifting to Identity-First

It has become clear that the role of identity in the world has evolved, and we’re here to address that shift. Together, Okta and Auth0 are reimagining identity’s role in every organization’s technology strategy. Cloud, mobile, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have transformed the dynamics of the digital world over the past decade. At the same time, IT is struggling to keep up with all of these changes, and developers are more burdened than ever to build more applications quickly and without sacrificing security and user experience. Identity is the perimeter, and it’s at the heart of every technology choice and transformation. Governments globally are shifting to identity-first through initiatives like MFA mandates with Zero Trust security architecture. Customer experiences must be identity-first as companies rush to secure platforms and provide seamless, personalized experiences amidst a growing number of data breaches in the wake of the pandemic.

This Showcase, we’re thrilled to introduce product innovation and joint momentum on the heels of the acquisition—all with the goal of helping organizations thrive in an identity-first world.

Adopting an Identity-First Strategy with Okta + Auth0

The digital world is heterogeneous: we all work across multiple stacks, many clouds, and myriad applications. Digital experiences are connecting more companies, customers, and employees than ever before. Okta understands this need to connect. Through the Okta Integration Network, we have the broadest and deepest set of independent and neutral integrations to securely connect to everything. And through our Workflows technology, we empower companies to weave the best employee and customer experience throughout those integrations and applications.

Okta Workflows is the key to simplifying and automating identity processes in an identity-first world at scale. We first introduced this technology to customers with democratization at the heart. Democratizing identity means providing everyone with the choice of tools and technology needed to harness it. Today we’re excited to announce Workflows for Any Identity Use Case, meaning our identity automation and orchestration solution is now available as a standalone product for all customers, including a no-cost option for up to five flows. We really mean anyone: anyone at any company, development or non-development teams alike, can now leverage the power and extensibility of identity in a low or no-code user interface.

What’s more, we’re also introducing new connectors, including Jamf, Microsoft Teams, ITSM (FreshService), and alert management (OpsGenie), along with new templates such as app access requests with Slack. Okta Workflows helps customers solve highly complex use cases and now enables even more innovation to happen more securely and faster.

We are also announcing the availability of the Auth0 Identity Platform on Microsoft Azure, offering customers the ability to choose Azure as a private cloud deployment option from Auth0. This addition provides customers with another secure cloud deployment option that better aligns with their technology stack and supports regional data residency needs, unlocking a comprehensive CIAM solution for organizations in regions where Azure has a larger infrastructure presence. Ultimately, more flexibility means more ways to deploy identity in the way that works best for each business.

Accelerating Momentum & Innovation in the CIAM Market

Every company connecting directly with customers must manage customer identities and the massive volumes of data and insight accompanying them. An identity-first, CX strategy is critical in a world where businesses feel increased urgency around digital transformation, security threats, and growing user experience demands.

As a joint Okta + Auth0 team, we can better meet the demands of a fast-growing CIAM market. When we look closely inside our customers’ technology environments, we see a wide range of situations—some are digital natives, others are building their first apps to connect with customers. While some live fully in the cloud, others choose a hybrid model, and some still manage massive legacy on-premises deployments. It’s within this diversity of technology environments that we see the biggest opportunity to make a difference.

To further our offerings in this space, we’re rolling out new CIAM capabilities across Okta’s CIAM offering, including Device Authorization Grant, Branding, and Custom Administration Roles to deliver universal customization from internal management and compliance to devices and customer-facing applications. These features address critical pain points across IT, security, and engineering when implementing identity and are rooted in choice and extensibility. Together, Okta and Auth0 now enable end-to-end customer journeys and address every use case imaginable, driving better digital customer experiences.

With our combined company, we have one vision for identity. We’re ready to create solutions for all, offering more opportunities for current and future customers. The world now is identity-first; it ensures our environments are kept safe and secure and that every digital experience fits each customer’s needs. We’re just at the beginning of our journey together—we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If you missed the live event, you can watch the on-demand content beginning on October 14.

About Auth0

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