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Developers, Come Explore the New World of Okta/Auth0 with Us!

Let’s dive together into the developer world of Okta/Auth0

Last Updated On: May 04, 2021

Hello to our trusty developer audience. Yesterday Okta announced that they finalized the acquisition of Auth0, and we know you must have a lot of questions. Since the deal was first announced, we have seen developers asking for clarification on the two companies:


And while I could do my best to guess how Okta and Auth0 will work together going forward, now that the deal has closed, we can now begin the collaboration to figure this out. So instead of trying to give you all the answers, the Okta and Auth0 developer relations teams want to invite you to explore alongside us. Over the next few weeks, we want to answer questions like:

  • Who makes up the Developer Experience and Devrel teams at Okta? Let’s get to know the team. There are definitely many all stars over at Okta, let’s meet them!
  • How do Okta and Auth0 developer tools differ? Let’s take a look under the hood and learn what each other’s strengths are.
  • What are some of the open-source projects that we should collaborate on? How can we make our docs and content better? Etc, etc.

So if you are interested in learning alongside us, and want to put faces to these two companies, here are some ways to start digging in. You can start with some resources that are worth looking at straight away.

Explore these Auth0 developer resources:

Explore these Okta resources:

Great, take a look at those resources if you have a minute.

Next, let’s talk about the next couple of weeks. We are going to begin meeting the Okta team and planning some rad developer experiences for the second half of this year. But instead of just squirreling away into our own little cubby holes (home offices) and planning in the dark, we wanted to involve you all in it.

So if you want to interact with us and help us build a better developer experience across the board, there are two ways to do so. First, you can submit feedback to our devrel teams by emailing or by filling out the “Official Post-Acquisition Feedback Form for Insightful Developers Who Have Actionable and Valuable Recommendations” otherwise known as the OPAFFIDWHAVR-01 Form.

The other way of interacting with us is by joining one of our upcoming live streams where folks from both teams will be on twitch learning together. Here is the schedule of Twitch streams:

Awesome, we can’t wait to hear from you and to see you on stream. Thank you for rooting us on over the last many years and we look forward to building an even better relationship with all of you moving forward.




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