Connect your app to Fitbit

Fitbit has ended support for OAuth 1.0

New connections with Fitbit will use OAuth 2.0. Please see the following documentation on Using OAuth 2.0 with Fitbit.

To configure a Fitbit OAuth 2.0 connection, you will need to register a new application in Fitbit.

1. Register a New Fitbit App

Log in to the Fitbit's Developer site, then select REGISTER AN APP:

2. Complete the Register an application form

  • Application Name- what you want to call your application
  • Description- describe what your application will be used for
  • Application Website- the URL of your application
  • Organization- the name of the associated organization
  • Organization Website- the URL of the associated organization
  • OAuth 2.0 Application Type- select Application, applications (clients) authenticate using either the Authorization Code Grant Flow or the Implicit Grant Flow
  • Callback URL- this is the URL called after a request, in this field, enter: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/login/callback
  • Default Access Type- the type of access granted to the application

Find your Auth0 domain name for redirects

If your Auth0 domain name is not shown above and you are not using our custom domains feature, your domain name is your tenant name, plus For example, if your tenant name were exampleco-enterprises, your Auth0 domain name would be and your redirect URI would be

If you are using custom domains, your SAMLredirect URI will have the following format: https://<YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN>/login/callback.

When finished, click Register.

3. Copy Your New App's Client ID and Client Secret

From the Edit Application page, copy the Client ID and Client Secret:

4. Enter Your Client ID and Client Secret

Go to your Auth0 Dashboard and select Connections > Social, then choose Fitbit. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the Manage My Apps page of your app on Fitbit into the fields on this page on Auth0:

5. Enable the Connection

Go to the Apps tab of the Fitbit connection on your Auth0 Dashboard and select each of your existing Auth0 applications for which you want to enable this connection:

6. Test the Connection

Close the Settings window to return to the Connections > Social section of your Auth0 dashboard. A TRY icon will now be displayed next to the Fitbit logo; click "TRY".

This will bring you to the authorization page. Click the Allow button to grant access.

If you have configured everything correctly, you will see the "It works" page!

Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc. Auth0 is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This product is not part of Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.