What's New in Deploy CLI Tool v2

The auth0-deploy-cli tool was updated to include the following changes.

  • Added YAML support
  • Added support for export (deprecation of separate auth0 dump tool)
  • Delete support - The tool will, if configured via AUTH0_ALLOW_DELETE, delete objects if does not exist within the deploy configuration.
  • Support for additional Auth0 objects
    • Connections including Social, Enterprise and Passwordless configurations.
    • Improved support for database connections and associated configuration.
    • Email Templates
    • Email Provider
    • Client Grants
    • Rule Configs (Import Only)
    • Guardian config
    • Better support for pages
    • Tenant level settings
  • Added support to be called programmatically
  • Improved logging
  • To simplify the tool the slack hook was removed. You can invoke the tool programmatically to support calling your own hooks
  • Support referencing clients by their name vs client_id (automatic mapping during export/import)
  • Simplified to support future Auth0 object types

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