User Search


When searching for users in Auth0, there are three different API endpoints you can use. Here's a summary of when you should use each endpoint:

Requirement Endpoint to Use
Searches involving user attributes Get Users
Searches returning multiple users Get Users or Get Users by Email
Operations requiring immediate consistency Get Users by ID or Get Users by Email
Actions requiring user search as part of authentication processes Get Users by ID or Get Users by Email
Searching for users for account linking by email Get Users by Email

You can sort, view, and export your search results.

In discussing user search, we use the following terms related to the search results:

  • Eventually consistent: The search results may not reflect the results of a recently-completed write operation. However, if you repeat your request after a short period of time, the response will return up-to-date data.

  • Immediately consistent: The search results will reflect the results of all successful write operations, including those that occurred shortly prior to your request.

User Search v3 is not available for the PSaaS Appliance.

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