How to Use Duo

Duo is a service and has a mobile app used for two-factor authentication when logging into an application, which helps create a more secure login. With two-factor authentication you will always need your mobile device when you log in.

This page will help to explain how to sign up and log in using Duo.

Signing Up

After entering your username and password see Duo's Enrollment Guide for help with the sign up process.

Logging In

When you are logging in, first enter you username and password. Then you will see a page to choose how to use Duo to complete your login.

Send me a Push

If you choose this option, you must have the Duo App installed on your device. The app will send you a push notification, choose Accept to login.

Call me

If you choose this option, you will receive an automated call from Duo. Answer the call and press any key to finish logging in.

Enter a Passcode

If you choose this option, you must have the Duo App installed on your device. Open the app on your device and then click on the key icon next to the name of the application you are logging into. This will reveal a six-digit code, enter this passcode and then click Log In to continue.


If you do not have your mobile device

If you have lost your phone and are unable to finish the two-step authentication you will need to contact your system administrator for help accessing your account.

If you forgot your password

If you forgot your password when you are trying to login, click Don't remember your password? underneath the login. Enter your email to receive an email that will contain a link to reset your password.

Additional Help

For other issues/questions regarding Duo see here.