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Auth0 Sunsets Signals

The technology remains the cornerstone of Auth0 security

November 05, 2020


Auth0 Sunsets Signals

The technology remains the cornerstone of Auth0 security

November 05, 2020

On Nov. 5, 2020, Auth0 announced the deprecation of Auth0 Signals brand, the API, and the IP Signals API. This change will not impact Auth0’s core product functionality, but it will affect anyone using the and IP Signals APIs. Specifically, the API endpoints and

The and IP Signals APIs will be fully deprecated on Feb. 8, 2021.

Signals represented the various datasets Auth0 uses to fuel product capabilities such as bot detection and breached password detection. These datasets are correlated via our Attack Protection engine to produce confidence scores used by a variety of features. In addition, we offered some of these datasets freely via public APIs.

The technology behind Auth0 Signals remains a cornerstone of our current and future security capabilities for the core Auth0 product. There will be no loss of functionality for the core Auth0 product.

However, to continue operating these APIs publicly would have required significant development resources. These development resources will now focus on improving on creating new security capabilities in our core Auth0 product.

While most of the and Signals web properties are being deprecated today, the APIs and documentation pages will remain live until Feb. 8, which is the final deprecation date.

How are you affected, and what action do you need to take?

If you are using the API endpoints and, we recommend reading the Auth0 Attack Protection documentation to find an alternative to your specific use case. The APIs listed above will no longer be available as of Feb. 8, 2021. Any calls made to these APIs after then will result in a 404 HTTP error or name resolving failure.

While we encourage signing up to become an Auth0 customer to further use the features you’ve grown to rely on, there are several different API services available not affiliated with Auth0 that may fulfill your needs. For example:

IP address blocklists:

Domain blocklists:

Email blocklists and verification:

IP Geolocation / AS search:

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