Architecture Scenarios

This page describes the typical architecture scenarios we have identified when working with customers on implementing Auth0.

Application configurations

These scenarios describe the different type of technology architectures your application may use, and how Auth0 can help for each of those.

The goal of these scenarios is to walk you through the implementation process from beginning to end.

Implementation checklists

Use the links below to download a spreadsheet that includes tasks for each phase of an Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) project.

Analyze Checklist

Design Checklist

Build Checklist

Test Checklist

Deploy Checklist

Monitor Checklist

Implementation resources

Auth0 provides many resources to help you learn about Auth0, get started quickly, test sample code, and try out APIs.

The Auth0 Community forum and Blog connect you with the world of Auth0, while our Support Center helps you report issues and manage your subscription. Additionally, you can submit suggested product enhancements through our feedback portal.

We've also made it easy to use our Status Dashboard, monitor endpoints, and log data. Notifications keep you up-to-date with Auth0 announcements, and we provide a variety of methods to stay informed about privacy, security, and compliance.

In addition, our Professional Services team is available to help you with any architecture needs, including pre-launch advice, production checklists, and operational policies.