Mobile + API

This architecture scenario is under construction and will be updated soon.

Mobile + API Flow

In this scenario you have a mobile application ("Client") which talks to an API ("Resource Server"). The application will use OpenID Connect with the Authorization Code Grant using Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) to authenticate users. Note that this flow can only be used for Clients whose type is Native in the Dashboard.

When a user logs in, Auth0 will return to the application an access_token, an id_token, and optionally a refresh_token:

  • The access_token is used to securely call the API on behalf of the user.

  • The id_token is consumed only by the client and contains user profile data. Alternatively the user profile can be obtained by calling the /userinfo endpoint in the Auth0 Authentication API with the access_token (provided that the API for which the access_token is issued, uses RS256 as signing algorithm).

  • The refresh_token can be used in order to obtain a new access_token whenever a previous one expires. Note that a refresh_token will only be present in the response if you included the offline_access scope and enabled Allow Offline Access for your API in the Dashboard.

The application will usually store the information about the user's session (i.e. whether they are logged in, their tokens, user profile data, and so forth) inside some sort of Local Storage on the mobile device.

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