Production Readiness Checks: Non-Critical Fixes

The following checks see if you've completed all recommendations (which are optional) for successful deployment to Production.

For more information about your checks output, see Run Production Checks.

Check Description
Configure Log Streaming Ensure you stream tenant log entries to an external storage location or provider. We recommend that you configure a log streaming service to retain logs over 30 days and enable better analysis and alerting.
Custom Domain should be configured Use custom domains with Universal Login for the most seamless and secure experience for your end users.
Custom Error Page should be configured Configure a Custom Error Page with your application-specific details and corporate branding.
Enable Universal Login Ensure you're using the latest version of Universal Login. We recommend updating your login page from the Classic experience to Universal Login to benefit from better accessibility and performance, no-code customization, and new features.
Email Templates should be configured Configure custom email templates with your application specific details and corporate branding.
Multi-factor Auth should be configured It is recommended that you consider multifactor authentication as a secure practice for authenticating your users.
MFA for Tenant Administrators is enabled Enable multi-factor authentication for tenant administrators.
Redirect Logout URL should be defined Review the Allowed Redirect Logout URLs for your Application.
Applications should use RS256 instead of HS256 for JSON Web Token (JWT) Sinature Algorithm Set the JSON Web Token (JWT) Signature Algorithm to RS256 instead of HS256 for each application.
Set Application Login URI Indicate a Application Login URI for all interactive Applications.
Set Tenant Allowed Logout URL Create at least one publicly-accessible logout route and update tenant settings to point there.
Set Tenant Login URI Publish a default login route and update your tenant settings to point there.

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