Lab 3: Mobile Native App

Lab 3: Mobile Native App


What You'll Need

A Mac computer - A Mac is required to install Xcode.

An Apple account - Required to download Xcode and install Xcode

Xcode - Download and install Xcode from the App Store. After installation is complete, open it so that you go through the first-time setup, which can take up to 10 minutes. This will require around 6GB of hard drive space and up to 30 minutes total to complete.

Node environment - Install Node.js directly or using Homebrew or NVM on a Mac. The labs were tested on Node.js v10.15.0 and NPM 6.4.1 (though they may work in other versions as well).

An Auth0 account - Sign up for a free Auth0 account. We recommend starting with a new, empty tenant that can be deleted when you have completed the exercises. If you're using an existing test or dev tenant, make sure that all Rules are turned off and MFA is turned off.

An Auth0 database user - Use a new username/email and password user in a test database connection instead of a social, enterprise, or passwordless login. While social logins might work, using development keys can cause the labs to run differently. Choose a simple password that's easy to type as you will be logging in and out multiple times. You can use the same user across all of the labs.

A web browser - This lab was built and tested using Google Chrome; Safari, Firefox, and Edge should all work fine as well. Disable any active ad blockers used for the domain of your local site, as well as for the Auth0 domain from your tenant.

The Identity Labs Git repo - All the code you need to start, as well as the completed exercise for guidance, is located in the GitHub repository. You need to clone that repo just once for all four labs. Use the correct folder relative to the lab you are working on. All file references in this lab are relative to /begin unless otherwise indicated. An /end folder is included as well to help with troubleshooting and compare your work with a working sample.

For macOS users - If you are new to macOS, check these quick tips for developers new to Mac. Make sure you allow the display of hidden files and become familiar with running basic commands in the terminal.

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