Architectural Design Sessions

This is a fixed scope project designed to establish a foundational set up of Auth0 platform architecture: setup connectivity and configuration of your environment to meet your organization’s needs, and enable a technical solution for pre-defined business scenarios involving Auth0.

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Estimated effort

This is typically a 4-6 week part-time engagement effort with an Auth0 Solutions Architect and your development team.


Typical work-streams

  • Working sessions: architecture, design and implementation of a base identity services, and infrastructure in the customer's Auth0 subscription model. Provide knowledge transfer to customer staff to prepare them to operate the Solution and to expand Auth0 usage into other scenarios.
  • Building a Prototype: leading the development of a scoped down prototype that illustrates customer business scenarios being addressed, and the technical solution, including trade-offs.
  • Pair-programming your scenario: our engineers will join the customer's development team during the initial phases of development, under a pair-programming model, taking responsibilities for Auth0-related code.

Auth0 APIs


  • Solution Design memo
  • First Integration Working Prototype

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More Information

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