Verify Rules

We expose IPv6 addresses in our public endpoints (e.g., If a request arrives from a machine that supports IPv6, then the context.request.ip property will contain an IPv6 address. If you perform manual IP address manipulation, we suggest you use the ipaddr.js@1.9.0 library.

Failures in a rule can often cause authentication issues. Perform the following checks to see if rules could be behind your issue.

  • Turn rules off and see if the issue still occurs.

  • Check that your rules catch all possible errors that might be returned. Uncaught errors could cause failures.

  • Check that your rules are calling the callback function only once for each logical branch in your code.

  • Add console.log() statements to your rules to debug and check state. For example: console.log(“output = “ + some_variable);.

  • Click Debug Rule in the Dashboard to view the output from your console.log statements.

  • View the output in the Real-time Webtask Logs to get more information about your rules’ execution.

See the Monitoring page for more details on each of the log events that can help you troubleshoot issues.

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