Monitor Auth0

You can monitor your Auth0 implementation and Auth0 status and services, as well as your tenant log event data.

Follow @auth0status on X to get the latest status updates and monitor your Auth0 implementation to check the status and availability of external services and applications. 

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Check Auth0 Status How to check Auth0 service availability for locale and region and subscribe for service updates.
Check External Services Status How to monitor external identity provider services.
Monitor Applications How to monitor your application health to report potential impact to your users.
Monitor Auth0 Using System Center Operations Manager How to monitor Auth0 using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) or any tool that supports synthetic transactions.
Logs About Auth0 tenant event logs that you can analyze for your business needs.
Log Streams How to create tenant log event streams to external services such as AWS EventBridge, Azure Event Grid, Datadog and more.