Check Auth0 Status

Go to the Auth0 Public Cloud Status page to check the service availability of the public cloud version of Auth0.

Select a Region from the dropdown menu to see the status of Core Services (such as User Authentication and Machine-to-Machine Authentication) and Supporting Services (such as MFA, Management API, Tenant Logs, and CDN).

For more information on available regions, refer to the Region, locality, and sub-locality table in Create Tenants.

Subscribe to status updates

Select a Region, and then select Subscribe to Updates to get updates. You can choose from two options to view status:

  1. Follow @auth0status on X to get the latest status updates.

  2. Subscribe to the Auth0 Atom or RSS feed to get status updates that affect your tenant. Replace {YOUR_TENANT_DOMAIN} with your tenant's Domain. RSS feeds for Private Cloud are not currently supported.

To find your tenant's Domain, go to Auth0 Dashboard > Applications, select an application, and then go to Settings. Your tenant's Domain is listed under Basic Information.

Check Auth0 status for Private Cloud

Go to the Auth0 Public Cloud Status, and then select Private Cloud Login.

Once authenticated, you can see the status of any non-development environment (for example, travel0-prod-1) if it's available on the Auth0 Converged Platform.

To go back to the Auth0 Public Cloud Status page, select Auth0 Public Cloud Status from the top-right navigation.

Generic example of a private cloud authenticated status page experience