Auth0 provides event logs that you can analyze for your business needs. You can:

  • View actions performed by tenant administrators.

  • View operations performed via the Management API.

  • View authentications made by your users.

  • View intermittent errors that may be hard to find with quality assurance testing.

  • Capture forensic data for security purposes and to identify anomaly detection triggers.

  • Identify patterns in usage trends.

  • Check for authentication errors and Management API call errors.

  • Set up automatic log scanning to check for rate limit errors so that you can proactively address activity that hits rate limits before it impacts your users.

  • Correlate management API events to their initiating requests by matching X-Correlation-ID header values.

View and retrieve logs

View log events in the Auth0 Dashboard and retrieve logs using the Management API. To learn more, read:

Auth0 provides a wide variety of log event types and well as filtering to allow you to find the specific events to suit your tracking and analysis needs. To learn more, read:

Log streaming and exporting

Use log streaming to export logs to your preferred processing and analysis tools. We provide integrations with several analysis services as well as a way to create a custom log stream using webhooks. To learn more, read Log Streaming.