View Log Events

Use the Auth0 Dashboard to view all the events that occur in your tenants including user authentication and administrative actions such as adding and updating applications, connections, and rules. Administrative actions will show up in the logs as API Operation events.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Monitoring > Logs.

    Dashboard Monitoring Logs
  2. The list displays the latest events. To perform a search, put your cursor in the search field, enter a query and press Enter. For example, to search all logs with connections that contain "Pass," enter connection:*pass*. To learn more about the search query syntax and examples, read Log Search Query Syntax.

  3. You can choose to filter your search by event types. Choose a filter from the drop-down list and click Apply. For example, you can choose the Failed Login to filter for failed user login events. To learn about log event filters and examples, read Log Event Filters.

    Dashboard Monitoring Logs Filters
  4. You can choose a date range for your search. Click the drop-down next to the date field, choose a specific date or range, and click Apply.

    Dashboard Monitoring Logs Date Range

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