Verify Platform

Ensure that you are on current versions of your technology stack. If you're using an older version of a programming language or library consider updating to the current version.

  • Check the Auth0 support matrix to see if the language or library versions you're using is supported.

  • If there's a problem in one environment (such as development) but not another (such as production), compare the versions of the technology stack across the two environments.

  • If not, upgrade your technology stack and browser to the latest versions and test again before creating a support request.

Check the scope of the issue

Testing on different browsers, platforms, locations, and users can help narrow down the source of a problem when it occurs. Perform the following tests and review the logs in your Auth0 dashboard after each test for more information.

Test with different browsers

  • Does the issue happen with all browsers or just some?

  • Test in a new incognito or private browser session (no previous state).

  • Upgrade to the latest browser version and re-test.

  • Turn off browser plugins and re-test to see if a plug-in contributes to the issue.

Test with different users

  • Does the issue occur for all users or just some?

  • If some, is there a pattern? Such as location, connection, or role?

Test with different connections (if possible)

  • Does the issue happen with all connections or just one?

Test with different client applications (if you have more than one)

  • Does the issue happen with all clients or just one?

Test across different environments

  • Try the development, staging, and production environments of your application(s).

  • Try across different Auth0 tenants to see if any differences.

Check if the issue is consistent or intermittent

  • If the issue is consistent, note the steps to reliably duplicate the issue.

  • If the issue intermittent, note any pattern that might cause it.

  • Is this an issue with a new setup, or did it work before and is now broken?

    • If it just broke, what changes were made?

    • Does undoing the changes fix the issue?

Issues that affect only one or a few users

  • Check the user's profile, browser, or device for any issues.

  • Check to see if it happens in all browsers for the affected users (indicating a data issue) or just certain types of browsers (indicating a browser-specific issue).

  • Check to see if the browser has enabled JavaScript and cookies.

  • Check that the caps lock key is disabled.

  • If the user is using a mobile device, check to see if there's any software that might impact authentication and/or authorization (such as not running some type of required software).

  • Check to see if the user can access some of the application's key URLs, such as the identity provider's Single Sign-on (SSO) URL (indicating a network connectivity issue).

Issues that occur after go-live (worked before, then stopped working)

  • Check if any recent changes to your application or any APIs you call?

  • Check if any recent network changes (load balancer, firewall, proxy config changes).

  • Check if any recent infrastructure changes (e.g. credentials for LDAP or DB servers?)

  • Check for any patches or updates to applications, infrastructure, or technology stacks.

  • Check that all your servers are running NTP and have accurate time sync

  • Check if any of your certificates have expired.

  • Check with owners of any remote identity providers if anything changed.

    • Check network connectivity to any remote identity providers.

  • Check notifications in Auth0 dashboard/migrations - any changes you overlooked?

  • Check Auth0 change log - any recent configuration changes related to your issue?

  • Check if any component in the technology stack has been updated or patched recently?

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