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Actions Integrations Are Now GA

Drag-and-drop extensibility for your identity flow

January 17, 2023

Okta’s No-Code Approach for Easy Extensibility

Security threats? Regulatory requirements? Privacy laws? User journey expectations? The identity landscape keeps evolving — and increasing in complexity. Keeping up with these changes puts pressure on devs as they try to secure and manage identity flows — often requiring custom code.

Extensibility is at the core of the Okta Customer Identity Cloud. and Actions Integrations is our answer to all that code-intensive complexity. Instead of building and maintaining custom code, Actions Integrations are easily integrated third-party solutions that can be quickly added to extend your identity flow.

Drag-and-Drop Extensibility with Actions Integrations

Customers looking to purchase an identity product in the market expect security, privacy, compliance, and ease of use as table stakes, but they also have additional needs beyond what standard identity platforms offer in their core products. They want to customize their identity workflow. No single company can provide a complete identity solution that covers all possible scenarios. Instead of building new capabilities from scratch or trying to understand both Okta and third-party APIs, Actions Integrations allows you to make third-party connections directly, without code.

Actions Integrations are partner-built and supported drag-and-drop solutions that solve common identity needs that aren’t addressed out of the box by Okta Customer Identity Cloud.

Actions Integrations have been in Beta on our Marketplace for several months while we added additional security and usability features. With the move to general availability, we’ve invested in the security and observability of integrations internally at Okta and added additional tooling for our field support teams to better assist developers who rely on integrations.

Extending Your Identity Flow with Partner-Built Integrations

With our expanding partner ecosystem, we’re able to provide extensible solutions for a growing number of use cases. Whether adding security measures in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services or wanting to understand who your customers are for targeted marketing tactics, our Marketplace houses integrations for a number of identity scenarios. Some of our popular categories include:

  • Identity proofing: Verify the identity of end users.
  • Consent management: Capture and track consent and contact preferences throughout the customer journey.
  • Customer data platforms: Collect valuable customer data to feed into downstream systems such as CRMs to create custom online experiences.
  • Progressive profiling: Gather more information about users than they provided at initial signup to build a progressive profiling flow.

How Do I Get Started Using Actions Integrations?

The Auth0 Marketplace hosts all available integrations where developers can find the pieces that are missing from their identity flow. Simply navigate to the Marketplace in your Auth0 Dashboard or through Marketplace, and add the integrations you’d like to try to any tenant; no code is required. These integrations do not count against the extensibility limits defined in our pricing plans.

If you can’t find an integration that fits your exact needs, we encourage you to explore custom Actions, our pro-code approach to extending Okta Customer Identity Cloud capabilities with custom logic. We also welcome developers and partners to build an integration of your own. Building and launching an Action Integration in our Marketplace allows you to participate in the growing CIAM economy and take advantage of the upcoming growth areas we’re continuing to uncover.

Visit to get started on your integration journey. We have resources to help you, from discovery and exploration to building and launching your integration on Marketplace.

Next Steps

Not sure what you’re looking for, or want to know more about the Marketplace and extensibility? Check out, where we have featured content on integration categories, specific partner integrations, and other resources to get you started on your extensibility journey.

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