We’re very pleased to welcome new advisors to Auth0. Our advisors are sounding boards, mentors, technical consultants, organizational architects, marketing wizards, and much more - we are honored and humbled that such accomplished individuals as Tim, Glenn, and Steve have agreed to join with Nuno and Guillermo in helping us continually make Auth0 an even more useful tool for developers and enterprises.

Glenn Block

Glenn is arguably one of the reasons why Microsoft is more open today. He was a catalyst for several open source efforts at Microsoft including ASP.NET Web API and Microsoft's support for Node.js in Azure. He is an active maintainer of several OSS Projects including scriptcs. He is now a Product Manager at Splunk driving their cross-platform developer experience.

Tim Bray

Founder of two companies, maker of Internet standards, veteran of Sun Microsystems and Google; developer, writer, photographer. "The best way to introduce new technologies to the Enterprise is to make them popular in the consumer space and among the developer grassroots."

Steve Coast

Steve Coast is the founder of OpenStreetMap, a global wikipedia of maps. Steve has founded companies, run a successful kickstarter project and worked at two-man development houses right up to a stint at Microsoft. Steve lives in Denver and works for Telenav where he helps get OpenStreeMap in to the hands of consumers.

Nuno Job

Nuno was Chief Commercial Officer at Nodejitsu, responsible for all enterprise customer engagements, and the worlds largest Node.js cloud. A pioneer in document databases at IBM Research. A hacker at heart, open-source enthusiast. Founder of YLD!, and an advisor to Nodejitsu and many other Node.js businesses.

Guillermo Rauch

Creator of one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, socket.io, Guillermo deeply understands developers' needs. The Auth0 team lives by his mantra "if your library takes more than 4 lines of code for me to get it, go back to the drawing board".