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Identity Unlocked

Auth0 Launches Identity, Unlocked: The Identity Podcast for Developers

Host Vittorio Bertocci and identity thought leaders make identity specifications and trends more accessible

September 17, 2020

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Sept. 17, 2020 – The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta, today announced the launch of ‘Identity, Unlocked’, a new podcast featuring conversations with identity thought leaders. Hosted by Vittorio Bertocci, identity expert and principal architect at Auth0, the podcast explores the latest specifications and trends from a developer’s perspective, making identity more accessible to everyone.

Season one of ‘Identity, Unlocked’ features interviews with industry standards experts and identity thought leaders, including:

  • Now available: OAuth2 Sender Constraint Support: DPOP and MTLS with Brian Campbell
  • September 28: What's New with OAuth2.1 with Aaron Parecki
  • October 12: The Importance of Identity Standards with Pamela Dingle
  • October 26: A Lap Around the OAuth2 Security BCP with Daniel Fett
  • November 9: WebAuthN and FIDO2 with John Bradley
  • November 23: Breaking New Ground: The GNAP Working Group with Dick Hardt

“‘Identity, Unlocked’ bridges the gap between ultra-specialized specification talk and practical applications, making identity more accessible to everyone,” said Bertocci. “From a wide range of topics that go from the immediately consequential such as OAuth2 security BCP and OAuth2.1 to the future looking like GNAP, each episode features a fun and informative chat among identity friends, discussed in a format that never loses sight of the concrete development applications.”

To learn more about ‘Identity, Unlocked’, visit To subscribe to the latest podcast updates and episodes, visit Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

About Vittorio Bertocci

Vittorio Bertocci is Principal Architect at Auth0 and applies his vast knowledge of the identity industry to Auth0 in all aspects of the company, including internal and external education, product innovation, and customer integration. Prior to Auth0, Bertocci spent 17 years at Microsoft, where he worked on the Azure Active Directory team and focused largely on improving the developer experience. As a published author of four identity books and a highly-trafficked blog:, his forward-thinking commentary has enabled him to speak at conferences, such as Identiverse, BUILD, PDC, TechEd, Cloud Identity Summit, and many other industry events around the world.

About Auth0

Auth0 by Okta takes a modern approach to customer identity and enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. Auth0 is a highly customizable platform that is as simple as development teams want, and as flexible as they need. Safeguarding billions of login transactions each month, Auth0 delivers convenience, privacy, and security so customers can focus on innovation. For more information, visit

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