BELLEVUE, Wash. — June 10, 2019 — Auth0, a global leader in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), today announced it has been selected as the identity management platform for KenSci, a machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered risk prediction platform for healthcare. Recently having closed a successful round of funding, KenSci is growing rapidly and will use Auth0’s authentication platform for thousands of healthcare users as it continues to scale.

KenSci is designed to help health systems across the globe improve the quality of care they provide at lower costs. Its machine learning-powered risk prediction platform helps healthcare providers and payers intervene early by identifying clinical, financial, and operational risk to save costs and lives.

As its roster of healthcare clients continued to grow, KenSci realized the need for an outsourced identity management solution that was easily customizable. With the specialization required by their clients to provide access and authentication to the right parties, KenSci realized that managing the solution they had built in-house soon became a full-time job. After a thorough review of solutions, they selected Auth0 for its extensibility.

“Auth0 really impressed us from the start, and the further we dug into it, the more it became clear that this was a natural extension of our platform,” said Ian Davies, Software Development Manager, KenSci. “Out-of-the-box, Auth0 covers about 80% of our clients’ needs, but it's really the last mile integration that requires a solution that we can modify for specific client requirements. We looked at several offerings, but Auth0 is the only identity management platform that offers the level of customization and flexibility we need.”

The sensitivity of healthcare data requires the utmost security when it comes to protecting user information. Auth0’s HIPAA-compliant platform enables authentication at any point of the customer’s journey, provides end-to-end protection, and allows for any custom-made requirements, as evidenced by KenSci.

“KenSci is bridging a major gap between healthcare providers and their clients, and making an impact in reducing their overall risk when it comes to healthcare decisions,” said Ghazi Masood, VP of Sales, Americas, for Auth0. “KenSci represents a large step in the modernization of healthcare and we are excited to be a part of its AI platform.”

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