BELLEVUE, WA—Auth0, the leading Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform, has helped Giving Compass stay secure while pursuing its mission. Giving Compass is a nonprofit organizing the world’s information to make it easier to give well.

Giving Compass is relying on Auth0’s robust authentication platform to create a secure and easily accessible platform for its growing network of philanthropists.

With a leadership team that hailed from the tech world, it was important to Giving Compass that they put technology first to help further their mission for good. After a thorough evaluation of identity providers, Auth0 was selected for its ease of use, as well as the ability to provide social login for users while keeping member data completely secure.

“Writing the code for authentication is always a nightmare, and it's the first potential door to a cyberattack,” said Luis Salazar, Co-Founder and Interim CEO, Giving Compass. “Peace of mind by having something that is proven and super easy to implement is the number one reason we chose Auth0. It just works.”

Auth0 was implemented in less than a week and provided Giving Compass with the solid technology foundation in which to grow its network. Thanks to the rapid integration, Giving Compass has saved more than 100 hours of identity-related development and testing (an estimated $25,000 thus far). It has also witnessed a 25% increase in conversions with social login functionality, resulting in 97 out of 100 people completing the signup process.

For more details on how authentication helped propel Giving Compass and it’s mission, please read the full case study here.

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About Auth0

Auth0 is the first identity management platform for application builders, and the only identity solution needed for custom-built applications. With a mission to secure the world’s identities so innovators can innovate, Auth0 provides the simplicity, extensibility, and expertise to scale and protect identities in any application, for any audience. Auth0 secures more than 100 million logins each day, giving enterprises the confidence to deliver trusted and elegant digital experiences to their customers around the world.

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About Giving Compass

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Giving Compass is a nonprofit organizing the world’s information to make it easier to give well. Giving Compass guides donors who want to give with intention and impact on a journey to learn, connect with others, and take action to drive meaningful change in communities and the world. Learn more at