This year, Auth0 attended Hackference as a sponsor. Besides Jeremy Meiss giving a great talk on power and value of identity providers at Friday's conference, we remained on hand for the rest of the weekend to support the Hackathon.

Hackference returns for its 6th year, ran and founded by the amazing Mike Elsmore. Its purpose is to provide a unique and hands-on learning environment free of any negative influences.

What You Missed at the Conference

This year, the conference included two tracks: Innovate and Develop. Across these two tracks, speakers included Doug Sillars on modern image delivery techniques, Karina Popova on geospatial analysis of Twitter content, Alex Lakatos on natural conversation pieces with bots, and Jessica Rose on a common issue in tech, Burnout. These are to name but a few. Check out the schedule to see what you missed.

Hackathon Winners (of Auth0's prize)

Anna, Carol and Jamie of team "Who Dis?" built an advanced identity service designed to be self-hosted. Based on the IndieAuth login system, their app was created as a custom Auth0 identity provider. When accessing the app, authentication is requested via Auth0's centralised login page where you could select their custom identity provider which could then verify identity.

Anna, Carol and Jamie of team "Who Dis?"


Hackathons are an important part of the development world! True innovation and creativity can be expressed in a supportive and collaborative environment, often with the added incentive of some amazing prizes.

Some famous features and products have been born from hackathons. Most notably, the Facebook “Like” button and Facebook Chat were both born at company internal hackathons.

In an environment where innovation and creativity are nurtured, amazing things can happen.

These sites will help you find hackathons near you.

About Auth0

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