Node Knockout is a 48-hour hackathon where devs across the world gather in teams and implement an application using node.js.

The knockout time goes really fast. Don't waste time on things that are not the core of your idea.

Auth0 takes authentication out of your way. Auth0 allows you to connect with +10 identity providers: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LiveID, GitHub, 37Signals, PayPal, LinkedIn, Yandex, Fitbit. It also provides a ready to use username/password store (including signup and forgot password flow). It all works out of the box with just a few lines of code.

Auth0 Login Widget

Quick Start in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a free account in Auth0

2. Add code to your app

Add the following code to your HTML and node app:

<button onclick="">Login</button>

<script src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
var auth0 = new Auth0Widget({
  domain:       '',
  clientID:     'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
  callbackURL:  'http://localhost:3000/',
  callbackOnLocationHash: true

// parse the response and store the token in a cookie (or local storage)
auth0.parseHash(window.location.hash, function (profile, id_token) {
  $.cookie('profile', profile);
  $.cookie('id_token', id_token);

var jwt = require('express-jwt');

var authenticate = jwt({
  secret: new Buffer('YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET', 'base64')
  audience: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID'

app.configure(function() {
  // intercept all /api calls and validate the token
  app.use('/api', authenticate);
  function(req, res) {
    // req.user will have all the user attributes

3. Call your APIs

Once the user is logged in, you can call your APIs sending the token in the Authorization header.

  'beforeSend': function(xhr) {
    if ($.cookie('id_token')) {
            'Bearer ' + $.cookie('id_token'));

You are done!

Want to use passport.js? We also support passport.js for server side auhtentication. Here is a tutorial

Don't want to use the Login Widget? The widget is customizable but if you want to have your own login UI, you can use Auth0's API instead:

By using Auth0 you don't have to worry about about user management, single sign on, flow user attributes across layers of your app, integrate with social providers and enterprises and see who is using your app.

During the event we'll be available on our chat room and Twitter (@auth0) to help you out if you have any issue.

Happy Noding!