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Do you love learning new technologies and writing tutorials on how to use them? Want to get paid and have your content pushed to a wide audience?

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What We’re Looking For

For the most part, our blog content is technical. We show people how to get things done with modern technologies, and we pride ourselves on being thorough and comprehensive about it. Our technical content is wide ranging and there are a lot of different frameworks, languages, and concepts that we’re interested in. Some of the ones we especially like are:

We are looking for you!

Who We’re Looking For

Are you a developer with experience writing tutorials and creating sample projects? Do you like to dig deep into how things work? Do you push past JavaScript fatigue and learn about new things anyway?
If so, we’re looking for you :)

What’s in it For You

  • We believe that you deserve great pay for your content.
    We pay up to $200 USD per article.
  • Guest writing for Auth0 also means that you’ll be featured on one of the web’s most popular technical blogs. We’re in Alexa's top 7,000 websites for the US and we have over 250,000 new monthly unique visitors. We’ll also promote your content tirelessly, so you can be sure your articles will be well read.
  • Finally, you’ll get to help developers get stuff done. Many developers will look to your quality content as a trusted resource for their learning.
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Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to join us as a guest writer, we’d love to hear from you!

To get started, send us a note and let us know who you are by answering these three questions:

  • What’s your favorite frontend/backend framework and why?
  • What is it that you like about authoring technical content?
  • What’s an article that you’ve recently read that you really liked?

We’ll also need some writing samples

Send us three of your best articles and the corresponding Github repos that go along with them.

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